GDPR regulation

The privacy of our clients’ and our clients’ members data is important for us.

The core of Savitar Group business mission is a rapid and professional support to travelers and expatriates worldwide. Proper handling of personal data is a crucial factor in this field of activity, and its importance only grows with the development of industry. Although Savitar Group is not registered as a legal entity in any of the EU countries, our business relations and contractual obligations require us to follow the GDPR rules the maximum extent that does not come into conflict with local legislation.

Priorities in our data protection policy are:

Safekeeping and proper storage of personal information

Following of non-disclosure guidelines

Elimination of personal information in due terms

Proper placement of personal information in exchange of correspondence with clients and providers

Electronic security

Savitar Group applies the following rules inside the Company

Regular data backups

Levels of access to personal data within the Company

Proper means and terms of data deletion

Securing and limiting physical access to locker / archive rooms

Whenever possible, Savitar Group staff makes extra effort to ensure that the same rules are followed by its providers and agents involved in handling of cases with personal data involved.

Savitar Group welcomes any initiative from its clients to fix the rules of personal data handling by signing a data protection agreement. If you represent a client of Savitar Group and wish to sign an agreement, please send a relevant note to

This is also to confirm that Savitar Group follows the data protection rules, established in the countries where our company has own representative offices.

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If you want to report about a breach of data protection rules, please send an e-mail message to our Data Protection Officer to