House Calls

Savitar Group Russia medical assistance company organizes house call with English-speaking doctors during daytime in Russia and CIS countries:

Moscow (Russia)

Saint-Petersburg (Russia)

Kiev (Ukraine)

Tbilisi (Georgia)

Almaty (Kazakhstan)

Astana (Kazakhstan)

Yerevan (Armenia)

Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan)

Tashkent (Uzbekistan)

Baku (Azerbaijan)

In the out-of-office hours, depending on the medical centers’ workload a house call or an ambulance team visit is available.

In other locations throughout Eastern Europe / Central Asia countries, especially in million towns, house call is also available, but the doctors seldom speak any foreign languages.

A house call doctor is able to administer drugs, provide recommendations for medications purchase (or even prescriptions) and list the necessary diagnostic to continue treatment.

It usually takes one to three hours for the doctor to reach his patient, depending on the traffic and his own availability. Therefore, for acute cases, like severe stomach pain, head ache or spine ache it is better to call for an ambulance.